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The same innovative thinking that went into developing the GC2 Smart Camera System has gone into the simulation solutions that it powers. Our simulation solutions deliver long lasting performance that let you get the most out of your simulation experience.

Our Performance Simulation solutions deliver the unprecedented accuracy and performance-enhancing analysis that matters, including verifiably accurate back and side spin data, giving you a true-to-life depiction of each and every shot. The result is that while you’re enjoying the best golf simulation experience possible, you’re also improving your game.

Foresight Sports’ Performance Simulation solutions deliver an unmatched true-to-life golf experience that keeps golfers entertained and coming back.


The GC2-K Performance Kiosk gives you the game-building and golf entertainment experience you’ve been waiting for—and keeps you coming back. From fitting to gaming, everything you want to see or do on the GC2-K is accessible at the touch of its high-visibility indoor/outdoor screen. Easily and quickly interact with every facet of your fitting, practice or game session. With the optional swing analysis camera, you can instantly capture each and every swing in high-definition video, providing the ultimate compliment to your fitting and instructional analysis.


HMT integrates with the GC2 to precisely capture club head data with ease and accuracy as never seen before. With HMT, the most comprehensive analysis of a player’s swing and club head performance is now at your fingertips. Instantly see critical data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft and lie—even impact location—with the same unmatched accuracy you’re used to in the GC2.


At the heart of all of our technology is the GC2, a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyzes ball characteristics at the most critical point of measurement—club impact. This system delivers the most accurate values of ball performance available today. No other launch monitor solution delivers the indoor/outdoor capabilities of the GC2. And unlike other solutions, the GC2 never compromises on accuracy.

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