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Think you know what golf tips you need to know to fix your swing?  Think again. I’m sure you are trying your best to get ready for your golf outing. You may even be looking for an indoor facility to practice during off season. You just watched Tiger Woods sign with Taylor Made and you are thinking… I need to practice! Take our golf tips. It’s difficult getting yourself back in shape to get on the green. We have you covered. Our PGA Instructor, Filindo Colace, touches on 3 golf tips to focus on to increase your ball flight.

Golf Tip #1: Get A Grip

Your only contact with the actual golf club is through your hands. It is very important that we are positioning our hands on the club in such a way that allows us to deliver the club face to the ball efficiently.

A common flaw we see in most amateur golfers are, both thumbs down the middle of the grip. For a right handed golfer, if your left thumb is down the middle of the grip, the butt end of the club is in the palm of your hand, making range of motion limited. It’s very difficult to release the club through the hitting area with this grip. This particular grip usually leads to an over the top swing, more commonly leading towards a slice.

The proper left hand position is putting the grip more in the fingers of the left hand. Left thumb should be more towards a 2 o’clock position. Right hand is positioned as a “hot dog in the bun.” Right palm fits directly ontop of the left thumb. The creases in your index finger and thumbs should be pointing towards your right shoulder. This is more of a neutral position. With proper rotation of the body and sequencing, this allows the club to return to a square position at impact.

Golf Tip #2: Play it Forward

Ego plays a large role in today’s amateur golf world. When we see the red tees we automatically say the “ladies tees.” Correction, they are the forward tees. The white tees are NOT the men’s tees. They are not designated just for men. There are a few different systems for which length tees you should play from.

My challenge for all would be this: Play from the most forward tees. If you can shoot Par or better, then you can move back one set up tees. Continue this process until you reach the back tees. If you play from the white tees and cannot break 100, maybe those tees are not for you.

Golf Tip #3: Understanding Speed

There are two forms of power: Rotational and Vertical. Rotational power is the easiest for us to achieve. How do we maximize rotational power? First, we must understand that an object will rotate it’s fastest at a 90 degree axis of it’s counter point. In layman’s terms, create a 90 degree angle between your spine and the golf club. If you are able to maintain this relationship, you will maximized club head speed. Sound fun?

How to check this process: Grip the club like we discussed in tip #1. Raise the club up to about waist high. With the club extended out in front of you, rotate your torso to your right (right handed golfer), and then all the way back to the left. This is core rotation.

Believe it or not, this is something that most of you over look in your golf swing, but something that ALL tour players utilize very well. If you think that your “natural” ball flight is a slice, you’re absolutely wrong. A draw, or a right to left ball flight for a right handed golfer, is a natural ball flight. With this technique, you can now achieve that ball flight.

-Filindo Colace is owner of Filindo Colace Golf Academy. Colace is GPI’s dedicated PGA Instructor teaching a majority of our golf members.

That’s all! Tune in for more tips in the upcoming weeks.

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